Higher returns. Less risk. More potential profit.

Higher returns. Less risk.
More profit.

Black-Box by the Numbers

Successful market trading in a world that changes from one second to the next? No problem. Quantum International Trading can limit your exposure and maximize your profits independent of what the world decides. With black-box trading, success is all about the numbers: the math, the prices, and the percentages. We’ve got a handle on all of it, and when it’s time for you to make a move in the markets, we can help you knock one out of the park 75% of the time.

If you prefer, we can snap the net without touching the rim. We don’t care what game we play. We’re the experts in maximizing your profits.


We created Quantum International Trading to make you money.


Providing a variety of lucrative engagement options is our business.


Want to see what we’ve been up to?

Who We Work With

National Football League

With Quantum International Trading in your backfield, we’ll make sure you never have a reason to punt.

National Basketball Association

We never wait until the final buzzer to sink the winning shot. Our job is to keep you ahead in the game.

National Hockey League

This goal, another… not good enough. Our goal for you is one hat trick after another, until you own the net.

Major League Baseball

Minor leaguer Joey Meyer is credited with the longest homer in baseball history―582 feet. We’re pros, and we want you to knock it into the next county.

Live life the way you want.

The Beatles said money can’ t buy love, and country western star Chris Janson said money could buy him a boat. It all depends upon what a person wants in life. When you partner with Quantum International Trading, we will work with you to help ensure you increase the profitability of your portfolio, which will increase the choices you have to create the life you’ve always wanted.